Book Review: The Host – Stephenie Meyer

Stephenie Meyer is talented at taking an out-there plot and making The Host ridiculously compelling and romantic.
the host stephanie meyer
The Host is written from the perspective of a parasitic alien who has just entered into a human body. While the book started out a little rough, it soon picked up and became both compelling and romantic.

The plot is wonderfully smart and creative! Wanderer has lived on 9 different worlds and never found anything or anyone that would tie her down. She finds Earth to be the hardest, yet most intriguing, place she has ever lived. However, the hosts are so individual, so emotional and so strong; they fight and Wanderer feels weak because she can’t completely get rid of her host body’s original spirit…Melanie.

As a result, Wanderer remembers Melanie’s memories, feels Melanie’s emotions…and loves the man Melanie loves. But loving him means betraying her own species and way of life.

Names like Cloud Spinner, Wanderer, Seeker, Glass Spires & Sunlight Passing Through the Ice. Planets like the Singing World, Fire World, The See Weeds & The Bats. Meyer creates a completely original world you are thoroughly drawn into.

But it’s not just a creative work of fantasy, it is a book about relationships; all different kinds of interesting relationships. I really related with Wanda, the main character, and her dilemmas and desires. I liked her and wanted her to be happy. The ending suited my tastes, too.

All in all it was an amazing read as I haven’t read something that fulfilled all my creative and fantasy wants for quite a long time and The Host did that for me.

Read more by Stephenie Meyer with the Twilight series.

Trayche Kuzmanov Article by: Trayche Kuzmanov
Trayche has been an avid reader since he was a child with a passion for YA fiction emerging in more recent years. For him books are a tool for learning, a chance for adventure and an escape for the monotony of day to day life.
“At this point of life, I can not imagine life without reading books.”

Book Review: The Ask and the Answer – Patrick Ness

God dammit Patrick Ness. What have you done to me?

The Ask and the Answer
The first book in the Chaos Walking series, The Knife of Never Letting Go, I rated 5 stars because I loved it so so much! It was original and crazy awesome. After finishing it, people were telling me that I shouldn’t expect too much from the second book; apparently it was slow and in no way as good as the first one.

However, after reading it… WHAT? They must have been talking about another book because this one was freaking beautiful and even better than the first one.

The Ask and the Answer starts off right where the first book ended; in Haven, although it’s now called New Prentisstown.

The main characters, Todd and Viola are likable but not entirely remarkable, they’re not my favourite characters in the book. For me, it is the father-son Prentiss duo who really stand out.

Seriously, how awesome is Mayor Prentiss? He is probably my all time favorite villain. He is such a complex character and it’s so hard to guess what he is going to do next, what his next move is or what he’s going to say. He’s smart, powerful and has the ability to manipulate how others see him; in the beginning I genuinely thought he was a good guy, I couldn’t understand why people hated him! However, just one chapter one and my opinion completely changed and I saw a whole different side to him. He’s both smart and evil. Nevertheless, I still love him.

Then there’s Davy Prentiss. He is the one character that we really see mentally growing throughout the book. The development we see from where he started in The Knife of Never Letting Go, to the things he does in The Ask and the Answer, show he makes real progress. Throughout the both books, I would have liked to see chapters from his point of view; the guy had it tough with all the stuff he had to suffer because of his father. Damn I feel sorry for this guy.

Overall, I just can’t explain how much I love this trilogy. Patrick Ness is a mastermind – I’ll admit it, he has the power to make me feel. The Ask and the Answer ended with such a big cliffhanger and I just can’t wait to see what happens in Monsters of Men. This has become one of my favorite series. When it comes to Young Adult Dystopian fiction, it’s hard to top the likes of Uglies and Divergent, but this comes close. Really close.

Trayche Kuzmanov Article by: Trayche Kuzmanov
Trayche has been an avid reader since he was a child with a passion for YA fiction emerging in more recent years. For him books are a tool for learning, a chance for adventure and an escape for the monotony of day to day life.
“At this point of life, I can not imagine life without reading books.”

Wishlist Wednesday is Back!

Wishlist Wednesday


Wishlist Wednesday is Back!

Our Awesome Wishlist Wednesday competition is back and going strong!

Once again, we’re offering our customers and fans to win up to £100 worth of books from their Wishlist; and all they have to do to win this prize is enter the email address from their AwesomeBooks account into our competition here:

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This competition will close again on the 12th of May and we will contact our randomly selected winner on the 14th of May, so make sure you keep an eye out for that all important email.

So, start making those wishlists now!


Our First Donation of 2014!

Four-Hundred Books Donated to a Local Oxfordshire School as Part of Our New Charity Campaign.

So, 2014 is well under way (over two months since Christmas already!) and we’re starting to get the ball rolling on our Charity projects for the coming year.

This first donation was made up of 400 books to New Marston Primary School in Oxfordshire to help replenish their classroom books.

The staff and pupils were more welcoming than we could have expected, making the whole day extremely easy and enjoyable. We’re hoping this will be the first of many donations to our local schools this year, and that we enjoy all of them as much too!

We have some big plans for 2014, including, but not limited to two donations to partner organisation in Africa and several schools programmes right here in the UK. We can’t wait to see them come to fruition over the coming months so Watch This Space!

New Marston Early Days

Welcome to Our Inaugural Wishlist Wednesday!

Wishlist Wednesday

So, you’re probably wondering what this is!

Wishlist Wednesday is a new competition we’re launching to give customers the chance of winning ALL the books on their wishlist up to the value of….


To enter this competition all you have to do is click on this banner when you see it on our website and enter your account’s email address into the field provided (If you don’t have an account, you can create one here in the blink of an eye).

Things to make sure before you enter

You’ve created an account.

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That’s all there is to it!

The dates for the new competition will be published shortly so watch this space!

RAF Log Book- The Real Deal!

We’ve recently sold one of the most interesting books ever listed here at AwesomeBooks and wanted to share this with you.

The book we’re talking about is the RAF log book of a single rear-gunner who flew for nearly the entirety of the Second World War (1940-1945). He completed two full tours of duty, carrying out raids across Germany, Italy & France, as well as many ‘Gardening Missions’ (the very apt name for laying mines at sea!) and two years of training and instructing, an amazing feat by the standards of the day.

The gunner is listed in the book as Walker. D.A., whose number was D946201 of 44 squadron. He was based at two RAF bases over the course of his two tours; one at RAF Wigtown and one at RAF Waddington, the former of which was closed at the end of the war, while the latter remains open to this day for use by RAF reconnaissance aircraft.

Stories like this, about those who beat the odds at such a time are always something to take notice of. It just so happens that the circumstances of this story make it ever so slightly bolder and more impressive.

We hope you find the following pictures as interesting as we did. If you have anything similar to share with us please do get in touch, we’re always interested to educate ourselves on things such as this and share them with anyone who wants to do the same.


RAF Log book 1RAF Log Book 005 RAF Log Book 006

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  3. The Help- Kathryn Stockett. This novel was hailed as one of the best débuts by an author in recent years, with the book and subsequent film being nominated for several awards in their respective fields.

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Author of the Month

So, it’s that time again!

September has been a busy month here at AwesomeBooks, not only because we’ve had to choose a new Author of the Month. We’ve been making our plans for Christmas (it’s getting to that time of year when everyone starts asking “where’s the year gone?!”), we’ve been busy organising some fantastic new charity projects that we’ll be announcing as soon as possible and, on top of that, we’ve been deliberating internally to choose our new Author of the Month.

We had some trouble choosing this month, with lots of contenders who all have anniversaries for release dates, re-release dates, birth dates, you name it! However, we’ve managed to narrow it down to one, and in fairness, it’s a pretty impressive one at that.

We chose J.D. Salinger for two very good reasons

  1. With the release of the new film biopic of his life and career there is no better time to become more acquainted with his work.
  2. He’s one of the most acclaimed American authors of all time, not to mention one of the most acclaimed authors publishing in English.

So, whether or not you’ve read/yet to read any of Salinger’s work we would strongly recommend taking note of this distinguished writer’s work, and to help you do this we’ll be offering 10% off all of his work (Used and Bargain Bin) in our ‘Author of the Month’ section at by using code ‘Author10′.

We hope you enjoy making use of this code and keep watching this space for updates on our upcoming projects!


AwesomeBooks ‘Un-boxing’ videos


This summer we came across the phenomenon of ‘unboxing videos’ where youtubers video themselves recieving parcels. There are even ones about us! Our favourite is from Joany, a dutch blogger who even agreed to translate it from dutch for us! check out her blog at and follow on twitter @Cravingpages

Let us know if you feel inspired to make your own